Thursday, June 1, 2006

Black Tuesday, The Last Day Of The World

On Tuesday, May 29, 1453 AD, Sultan Mehmet II of the Ottoman Empire sacked the great city of Constantinople. Mehmet and his Muslim forces murdered innocent women and children without mercy while rampaging down the city streets and corridors and desecrated every church they could find by defiling the altar and stripping each church of their sacred treasures. When they reached the Hagia Sophia, Christendom’s greatest Church, they murdered on the spot every person in the great church and ransacked it. Throughout the day Muslims raped women and children (including young boys) in rape camps, killed all able bodied men they encountered, and whoever survived were sold into slavery. Thusly the religion of peace manifested the teachings of the Koran as set by their prophet Muhammad faithfully for the entire day. The Greek Orthodox Church would never recover from such a devastating and hateful act that was the sacking of Constantinople. Throughout the years Muslims would do everything in their power to destroy one of Christendom’s greatest cities through excessive taxing of Christians, forced conversions, enslavement of young boys to the janissaries, for the lustful pleasures of rich Muslim merchants, and hard labor, and the enslavement of young girls as concubines and prostitutes. They have renamed the city as Istanbul, seized many more churches and turned them into mosques and virtually have made it difficult for conversions, repairs of old churches, and operating daily activities for churches. Even today, liberals want to prop modern Turkey as the 'successful' secular democracy to promote their weak hypothesis that Islam can operate as such. The day Constantinople fell became known as Black Tuesday, the Last Day of the World. Today liberals don't want to even recite such history as to destroy their elaborate faux history of the 'religion of peace' and Christianity that is all encompassing evil. We as Catholic Christians need to remember the plight of our fellow Orthodox brothers their emasculated history and help restore their churches, especially the Hagia Sophia, to them. For an article by Robert Spencer commemorating this most sad day click here. To learn more about Islam, the religion of peace, click here, here, here, here, here, and here. To learn more of the plight of Christians amongst Muslims click here, here, here, and here(Spanish). To learn more of our elder brothers the Jews plight living amongst Muslims click here.


DimBulb said...

I've been reading up on the religion of pieces in recent weeks and found your links very helpful and informing. It is apalling how little we know about this "religion" in spite of the fact that many of its crimes against humanity date to modern times.

Anonymous said...


I agree.

What got me rolling was when President Clinton did a mea culpa about the Crusaders ransacking of Jerusalem and mentioning that 'the streets of Jerusalem were knee deep of blood' of the victims. Then again with the awful (historically speaking) movie of 'Kingdon of Heaven'.

I've been doing a lot of reading since those many years ago about Islam and their interaction between them and us, and it simply is just appaling that we as people of the West don't even learn this kind of stuff anymore in our public educational system.

God bless.

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