Thursday, June 22, 2006

Turkey's Persecuted Armenian Christians

Being of Armenian descent in Turkey is a difficult life to lead. They are fine examples of what the late Pope John Paul II has labeled martyrs of the worst century of Christendom, the 20th century. More Christians have died because of their faith in the 20th century than in all centuries prior combined. During the aftermath of World War I the Ottoman Empire disintegrated and the various Arab nations they once dominated gained their independence. During this tumult, the various Christians who were the original inhabitants of the Anatolia, then and now dominated by Muslim Turks, were severely decimated to guarantee an ethnically homogeneous Turkey. Millions of Armenians, Greeks, and Syriacs, were executed, raped, and their children taken away to be raised as Muslim Turks. The remnant of these Christians, the Armenians, Greeks, and Syriacs, live as a suppressed minority under Turkish rule. It is difficult for them to make a living because the government officially recognizes only Islam as the religion of the country of Turkey. So many obstacles are placed in the way of Christian Armenians such as exclusion from working in certain fields of work and suppressions of their Christian faith. Nothing has changed in what the 'enlightened' guilty white liberals of western Europe and America calls Turkey a successful secular and democratic Muslim nation. Riiight. For more about the persecuted Armenian Christians of Turkey click here.


skeetor said...

It kinda makes me feel guilty living here in america with all my freedoms. We should pray for these people everyday. It seems that list keeps getting longer doesn't it.

Unknown said...

Until the Turks remove their racist policies on all non-Muslims, the Christians will continue to live as second class citizens in perpetuity.

VIVA said...

In so many countries,Christians are paying the most highest price just because they are Christians.
We should pray for Christians who are facing opposition for their faith.

Matthew said...

The worst century for Christianity? This is horrible. Do you have any statistics how many people died for the truth in the 1900s? Was it in the tens of millions?

VIVA said...

The most bloodiest century in world’s history, "XX century" started from Christian’s genocide- extermination in Turkey.
(Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians) Next came, huge persecution of Christians in the Soviet Union, and in National-Socialist III Reich.

Tito, this isn’t only in Turkey, Copts in their own country also live as second class citizens.

Moneybags, check this site :

Unknown said...


I get the stats for you in due time.


Christians being persecuted is one of the most underreported phenomenons of the 20th AND 21st century.

Because liberals control most of the mainstream media, they aren't willing to show Christianity with any sympathy at all.

Christians in the Mollucas islands of Indonesia and in Irian Jaya (west Papua New Guineau), Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya, Nigeria, and of course Egypt.

In fact Egypt was 40% Christian up towards the end of the 19th century!

I will be blogging more, and have in the past, on our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters the world over.

God bless.

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