Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Catholic Spotted at University of Notre Dame

None other than our Director of Young Adult Ministry of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, Bill! In his quest for all things Catholic in this great country of ours, Bill daringly went to South Bend, Indiana to investigate the claims of the University of Our Mother that they are indeed 'Catholic'. Rumors abounded of Bishop D'Arcy and Father Jenkins, but all of which amounted to only hearsay in Bills blog yesterday. Bill spoke with 'rectors, dining hall workers, security personnel, continuing ed staff, and campus ministers', but not a single Catholic was spotted nor identified in his blog posting. Even attending a 'mass' (yes a small 'm', they don't take their Catholicism that seriously in northern Indiana) in the 'dorm chapel' provided few clues to the conundrum of the missing 'Catholics' at Our Mother's university. Through it all, Bill 'encountered' a 'pervasive Catholic atmosphere'. This said 'atmosphere' was only identified as 'Catholic'. What this means I can only surmise and deduce that there are an abundance of pubs and bars in the greater South Bend community. The betting odds at London's infamously Green Street firm has the odds of finding a 'Catholic' still at 325-1. I hear the odds would be higher, but the confusion arises from the portrait of Jesus throwing up his hands towards heaven on a school building, technically He counts as a Jew and not a Catholic, which is lost among the Anglican betting establishment pervasive all over England. For this young intrepid Catholic I will continue my journey of faith knowing some day that I will be able to root for the Fighting Irish once again with pride and joy. But until that day arrives, BYU will be the closest thing to a Catholic university (my old college roommates family lives in Salt Lake City, which technically makes BYU more Catholic than the University of Notre Dame, my roommate being Catholic of course).


Matthew said...

Are you serious? I talked with a Protestant friend of mine that went there two days ago. She thought it was amazing. She was amazed at the basilica and the grotto and the Masses there. This, coming from a protestant, is a big deal. She said that 84% of students are Catholics. I'm sure some of them are devout.

Anonymous said...

Just pressing the fact that the 'perception' is that Notre Dame is unCatholic. From the original article from Bill, he to felt a strong and pervasive Catholic presence. So I'm sure your Protestant friend is describing the same thing.

I, among many other thinking Catholics, have heard too much about the pervasive secular and protestantization of Notre Dame itself.

Anonymous said...

I know I should be merciful on you, for your eyes may have been blinded by that relentless Southern sun, or your mind may have suffered meltdown in that horrendous Houston heat. Still, I am here to report that the demise of Catholicism at the University of Notre Dame has been greatly exaggerated. For the full apologetics of my position, please click to You'll not only hear about hundreds of loyal sons and daughters at Our Lady's University, you'll find a reason to root for the Fighting Irish football team as well.

Anonymous said...

Tom O'Toole,

I appreciate your Catholicism and passion for Notre Dame football, but what are you to do about the 'V-Monologues' and Fr. McBride?

I can't say enough on how disgusted I am with your president at UND and his fall from grace at allowing the V-Mono's to be present in UND.

Just plain disgusted, I'm surprised your blog doesn't touch on this topic. Are you one of those spineless priests that continue to touch on 'soft-topics' just so they can gain fame and adoration from the world? It's a legitemate question.

Anonymous said...

Notre Dame is the strongest Catholic university in the USA. The fact that a poorly attended play like V-monologues is irrelevant. It is only people like you who harp on it all the time that make it more important than it really is. The play has no value, and should let it slowly die rather than complain about its existence. The fact that ND allows it (but does not sponsor it) shows that as a modern university it is willing to engage all people, even the irrational and stupid. There are in fact alternative events the university sponsors to give a broader view of Catholic teaching on sexuality.

Tom said...

I agree with 10/15/07. Censorship raises the profile of an obscure work higher than it could go on it's own.

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