Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pic of the Day: Cardinal McCarrick's Communion

Cardinal McCarrick accuses his fellow Bishops of partisan politics, though he himself is immune to it according to the Catechism of McCarrick. He wants practicing Catholics to remain silent while it is deemed ok for the guilty white liberal wing of the US Catholic Church, the liberals, to shout about the Holy Doctrine of Illegal Immigration but remain silent on life issues. Cardinal McCarrick is eager for woman's ordination and the deconstruction of the nuclear family(at least he does the dance when confronted with these questions). He sees nothing wrong with people who are in grave sin in continuing to receive Communion. In fact, he doesn't understand what the fuss is all about. He wants a 'live and let live' attitude to continue to pervade the Catholic Church in America. This same attitude had been adopted by Archbishop Mahoney and Bishop Levada in the priestly abuse scandal. Apparently 'cover your behind' is the only doctrine they religiously adhere to. Anyways, Cardinal McCarrick signals the beginning of the end of the 'spirit of Vatican II' insurgents of the Catholic Church. Cardinal Mahoney, Bishop Trautman, Bishop Tod Brown, and Cardinal Levada are the graying representatives of the 'spirit of Vatican II'. Cardinal McCarrick is officially retired and we need to continue to pray for his soul and the souls of his malcontents that are carrying the heavy burden of the millstone that they so rightly earned. For more on Cardinal McCarrick's doctrine of dereliction of duty and an excellent posting by Diogenes in OFF THE RECORD (Catholic World News) click here. Another Communion cartoon of Bishop Tod Brown is shown here. (H/T The Cafeteria Is Closed)


Unknown said...

I came across an excellent comment in OFF THE RECORD by seudodionysius concerning what Cardinal McCarrick calls 'partison politics':

...I give the readers two choices:

(1) A "collegial" set of Bishops who have spawned the current mess.

(2) Chair throwing, screaming, hair pulling, fist fighting Bishops like in the 4th century.

Question: Which chesspiece set delivers more martyrs for the faith and saves more souls?...

Thank you Pseudodionysius!

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