Sunday, June 11, 2006

Iran Loses More Than a World Cup Game

In World Cup soccer play in Germany today Iran fell to Mexico, 3 to 1. Interesting to see a semi-nominal Christian nation as Mexico beating up a self-avowed militant Islamic caliphate such as Iran. I wonder if the Ayatollah is rolling over in his grave, better yet adding more fuel to his fire of hatred while he roasts in Hell. Speaking of hatred of all things non-Islamic, Islamic courts in Iran today have shut down all coverage of World Cup play, including today's game between Mexico and Iran. This gave way to riots nationwide in protesting the ban. Muslim gunmen were deployed by these Islamic courts to enforce the ban of anything western, especially the World Cup. But many multiculturalist-zealots and guilty-white liberals proclaim that this is a local matter that has absolutely nothing to do with the War on Terror or the 'alleged' phenomenon of militant Islam, also known as Islamo-Fascism to the astute world observer. How can the Religion of Peace be so... un-peaceful?


Islamic courts in Iran


Mogadishu is in Somalia.

Unknown said...

It happened a day before in Iran prior to Mogadachoo.

Good to see I'm not the only one paying attention to international news.

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