Saturday, June 10, 2006

Catholics Wanting To Procreate Large Families

My normal Saturday morning routine is to attend Mass at 8:00 am then head over to the local Planned Parenthood clinic on Fannin street and pray all the Mysteries of the Rosary with a group of young adult Catholics. Well, today after were done praying we headed out to 59 Diner for breakfast at around 10:15 am and we got into a conversation about families. Not to my surprise the young ladies in our group want large families if and when they marry and are blessed with children. I'm finding myself more and more involved with my Catholic circle of friends seeing that there are many orthodox practicing Catholics out there. It's nice to be among Catholics that I can share my faith with and learn from as well. Which also brings to mind, "how do I evangelize if I'm constantly around my own?" Well, what I quickly thought of was work. Once I find a job I could engage with other non-Catholics and develop friendships there. Which sooner or later my faith would come to the surface. That was one idea. Do any of you have any other ideas? I think the workplace will be enough. Of course there will be other situations, but if you practice your Catholic faith, each time you step out of your home, you are evangelizing; whether you realize it or not.


Stella said...

I just woke up to the fact that my mini-apostolate is my minimum wage job down the street, which I happed to dislike immensely. A few days ago one of my customers asked my why I was so cheerful, to which I responded "God." It slipped out. I wasn't trying to evangelize. It just happened. I brough a ray of sunshine to someone and made them think of Our Lord. The lady was surprised and now everytime she comes in she says, "Have a blessed day" instead of the usual "Have a good one." I think the workplace will be enough now that I realize that's my golden opportunity!

skeetor said...

I understand what you mean about workplace ministry, but don't you just get the urge to stand on a busy street corner and tell people passing by about Jesus, even if you know they will just look at you with the "loon" look in their eye. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Amen Stella!


Sometimes I do that after a night out on the town.

Work is good, also family, even a "Catholic" extended family is gonna have plenty of people in the Cafeteria, and since you will often see your extended family for things like Christmas, Communions, Baptisms, etc, strike the iron while its hot!

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