Saturday, June 3, 2006

Radical Islam Reaches America's Northern Border

The multi-cultural claptrap that all cultures are equal and the same to the core has begun to blow up in the liberals face. 17 Islamic terrorists have been arrested in Toronto, Canada as of today. Over 400 Canadian officers converged on these Muslims and seized three (3) tons of ammonium nitrate. More than three (3) times the number of explosives that were used to blow up the Murrow Federal building in Oklahoma City that Timothy McVeigh used. Plans were discovered to attack several economic and cultural building throughout southern Ontario. More arrests are said to occur. When will the liberals in America stop calling Islam the religion of peace (and that includes our President Bush as well)?

Some day the call to prayer will be called from the top of the Toronto needle for all Muslims to attend Friday prayers in the new Caliphate of Canada.

Canadian Kathy Shaidle of + + relapsed catholic + + has an excellent posting on these tragic developments on her blog; for the article click here. To learn more about the latest developments from north of the border click here. To learn more about the religion of peace click here. To view previous postings about the religion of peace click here, here, here, here, here, and here.


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