Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ACLU Targets Ave Marie Town

Apparently the civil liberties of Catholics to congregate amongst themselves is too much to take for the ACLU. Pizza magnate and devout Catholic Tom Monaghan is building an entirely new town in Florida for Catholics who want to practice their faith without secular interference. Why this idea so infruriates the ACLU that they are threatening legal action. They should be appropriately named the Anti Christian League of Unbelievers. With the high hand of their army of lawyers stripping every public institution of their Judeo-Christian values this is another battle that they are choosing to take. They want only a certain lifestyle of abortion on demand, pornography for all, homosexual marriage, and soon rights for having sex with minors. What are we to do? For more on this interview by Tucker Carlson of MSNBC with an ACLU rep article click here.


Matt said...

Is it on the coast? i'm ready to haul anchor... anyone else?

Hurrah for Ave Maria Town!

I only suggest they bring in Mel Gibson to reprise is earlier role on the film "The Patriot," as leader of the Milita. I don't know how else they'll be able to keep the ACLU from shoving birth control pills down pharmicisit's throats.

Unknown said...

..or force Catholic hospitals as well.

I've been waiting for this.

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