Thursday, February 23, 2006

Vatican Asks Muslims To Practice What You Preach

Hate? If each and every Muslim were to actually read the Koran, we would have one huge mess right now of headless Christians and Hindus littered all over the Muslim world. The Vatican is asking Muslims to practice what they teach? Yeah, right. For more click here.


Anonymous said...

My personal opinion is that it is a religion of compulsion. Because it compels you to think twice about converting to something else due to the fact that death is applied to apostates.

Stella said...

I tend to think with Conde. The Muslims do not have the only religion with a penalty of death for apostastes- Judaism (at least it used to)and Catholicism all teach a spiritual death for abandoning their faith. Which some value more than their temporal lives. Not that I want to see decapitated Christians and Hindus anywhere.

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