Saturday, February 18, 2006

Swedens Big Lie

Sweden, the American Liberal poster child of a vision for post-Christian America. Clean streets, open marriages, rampant homosexuality, no moral judgments. Many MSM (read: liberal press) from Time magazine to Newsweek have promoted the wonderful world of Scandinavian country's social model of no marriage, cohabitation, children born out of wedlock, legalized illicit drugs, multiculturalism without standards, etc, etc. Well, the Big Lie is slowly crumbling down. In a recent AFA (American Family Association) Center for Law & Policy article (H/T, by Chief Counsel Stephen M. Crampton, Mr. Crampton began his article with this simple truth, "The disturbing truth about Sweden's moral decay should serve to sober us from our own complacent drunken stupor." Our drunken stupor being the continuing influence of liberal policy makers in education to Hollywood to the Democratic National Committee (ie, the national Democratic party). Robert Bork wrote a great book, Slouching Towards Gomorrah, warning America of what we are doing and what will happen. New York City is another example of a modern day city of Sodom. The more liberals in academia and politics continue to peddle this relativist claptrap of no morals, the more these United States of America will be another toothless, defenseless, post-Christian Europe. Well in this article Mr. Crampton goes on to list Sweden's ills such as the higher crime rate than New York city (similar populations) to the highest rates of rape in all the world (both industrialized and unindustrialized nations). High drug abuse causing overdosed deaths to double in ten years to the overwhelming backlog of burglariess that Swedes have stopped reporting this crime because of the near 100% rate of not solving these type of crimes. I could go on, but Mr. Crampton's article reads so much better than I could post. For the article click here.


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