Wednesday, February 8, 2006


Well my Bible Study group completed the Gospel of John a week ago and I have to say, that is the most favorite part of the Bible I have read so far. Speaking of reading the Bible, I have now finished Genesis, the Gospel of John, Revelation, and Exodus. Our Bible Study group will be studying 1 Corinthians, Philippians, and Philomen. I have much more to read if I want to finish reading the Bible before the end of this year. I think Moneybags is still ahead of me in his Bible reading. Hey Fidei Defensor, how far have you gotten in your coloring book? Other books that I have finished reading is Surprised by Truth 2 by Patrick Madrid and Crossing the Tiber by Stephen K. Ray. Surprised by Truth 2 is a good read concerning various convert stories to Catholicism. Crossing the Tiber is heavy on the footnotes, but a good (though tedious) read. Right now I am reading Triumph by H.W. Crocker III, the Holy Bible by our Lord Savior, Saga of the Seven Suns by Kevin J. Anderson, Exodus by Dave Shiflett, and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. OK, Napoleon Hill's book is relatively small, but I get easily distracted by my many other books that I am reading. As you can read, I am a voracious reader, especially about world history and Catholicism. I don't as much read science fiction or financial help books as I have in the past, but I do find a book a like from time to time. Hey Bill, when are you going to write your own book! It sure would make for a good read... maybe an inclusion in the next Patrick Madrid Surprised by Truth series? Better yet, an appearance on Marcus Grodi's 'The Journey Home'? (or have I missed that episode)? My left knee is still shot to kingdom come, but I'm registering for PACCO softball with Anna's squad again. Probably be a pinch batter or a glorified cheerleader. OK, my knee has recuperated since the unfortunate injury I suffered against St. Anne's last year thus ending my MVP-like season. But it makes a 'clicking' noise each step I take, thus making for a very noisy run when doing my 5K's. I have gone into semi-retirement from running thus also ending my Olympic dream of running the 800 Meter Run at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (800 meters is half a mile to all of my American readers; darn metric system, you'd think the French had better things to do like attend Mass instead of creating mass confusion). So if anyone could fork over about a couple of thousand dollars for my knee operation, I may still be able to make the qualifying meet(s) later this year. My holding company is struggling, but the uptick looks good and I see a growing trend in profits in all four small businesses (investments) that I own. Though I may have to sell my house and/or car to make it through the rest of the month of February. Other than that I enjoyed and was fascinated by my very first Tridentine Mass (thanks for the update Bill). I hope the Archdiocese allows for an expansion of this rite into all the other sacraments and more options for attending Tridentine Mass throughout the Archdiocese. Other than that, If I can get myself out of bed this coming Saturday morning (6 am), I'll be at Planned Parenthood praying the rosary with some other Pro-lifers!


Tell us how the Rosary infront of PP went. You probably got to see the true ugly face of the Culture of Death as your prayers advanced the love of Our Lady into the world and brought St. Mike the Archangel's sword done upon demons the world over.

Unknown said...

I'll be there this Saturday.

I'll post an update (and when I fix or purchase a new digital camera, I'll post pics as well.)

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