Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Priest Murdered in Turkey by Religion of Peace

Unfortunately, Muslim irrational (or is it rational from a Muslims perspective) behavior towards the printing of cartoons mocking Mohammad in Denmark has reached Turkey. A Muslim gunman shot Father Andrea of Rome while in prayer during Mass in the back with a pistol yelling "Allah akbar" (God is great). The Religion of Peace shows us by their example of their logic and sense of human compassion what they really think of Christians worldwide. Let us pray for Father Andrea, the murdered priest. This is a martyr. A Muslim is not a martyr when he or she who straps his belly with four pounds of C4, walks into a children's nursery, yells 'Allah Akbar', then pulls the trigger to kill the infidel. That is not a martyr. And shame on newsman and historians for referring to this dastardly acts by suicide bombers as 'martyrs'. For more click here.


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