Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Europes Next Move on Islam

With the attacks in London and Madrid, the killings in the Netherlands, the Intifidah all over France, the cartoon demonstrations across the continent, and the daily Imam exhortations of degrading Jews and Christians each Friday all over Europe, will Europe save itself. Maybe. The Netherlands, the most liberal of them all, has begun a crackdown on Islamic extremism and the tightening of controls. France and Spain are revisiting their liberal immigration policies, and no one is talking about Turkey's entry into the European Union. Victor Davis Hanson has some very good analysis of the situation and goes on to expound what seems to be his speculation that Europe will work even harder than ever, clandestinely with the U.S. on radical Islamic sleeper cells while at the same time speaking sweet nothings to the Muslim street. Yeah, more liberal claptrap for 'dialogue', but no action. Thank goodness cafeteria Catholic John Kerry lost the election or we'd be getting our dose of more discussions and less action. For more on Victor Davis Hanson's article click here.


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