Monday, February 20, 2006

Mitt Romney Forces Catholic Church to Permit Homosexual Adoption

Whatever happened to the separation of Church and State? Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney just lost the Catholic vote in one day. I'll make sure on my blog to remind Catholics everywhere what he did to our Church. If he wants to run for president, he won't make it past the Republican primaries. Regardless of what he says he can or cannot do, he represents the state of Massachusetts. Mitt Romney have told the Catholic Church that their request that Catholic institutions be exempt from placing foster children with same-sex parents will be denied. For more on the article click here.


Carlos said...

I agree that this adoption scheme should be opposed, and I believe that Romney does personally strongly oppose it. It looks to me that he stated the fact that he could not legally simply grant an exemption on his own. How do you see this conflict between the Bishops' vote and the board of Catholic Charities? CC runs the adoption agency and does not oppose the law.

Carlos said...

When did the law first mandate these adoptions? I think you will see that it was long before Romney was there. The legislature would probably have had plenty of votes to override any veto of Romney's. The article said that CC has been doing gay adoptions for twenty years. Still I do not agree. But if there was no one else to adopt a foster child, would you have the child stay in the institution or go to the gay couple?

Matt said...

Stay in the institution.

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney just lost the Catholic vote in one day.

Conde, many of those who are in favor of this ARE Catholic!

When's the Inquisition begin?

Unknown said...

When Our Lady arrives on the crescent moon withing rays eminating from her body.

Franze said...

It´s disgusting the politics. It will be truth, "armed religion, respected religion"

Unknown said...


Catholic Charities falls under the jurisdiction of the Catholic Church. They adhere to the Catholic teachings.

They are not a public institution.

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