Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Betty Friedan’s Legacy

Betty Frieden passed away recently and received accolades from many liberal newspapers and columnists across America, even in our own liberal Houston Chronicle. Though the majority of American women, not Catholics or Catholic women alone, reject her as the neo-Margaret Sanger. A ruthless and maligned woman who brought destruction to the family unit. Janice Shaw Crouse of the Beverly LaHaye Institute (written in Concerned Women for America) wrote that Americans, American women specifically, have rejected feminism outright. A CBS poll revealed that three out of four women described the word “feminist” as an insult. Another study found that the number of working women who believe that a career is as important as being a wife and mother has fallen 23 percent since the ’70s. Janice Shaw Crouse goes on to say that Betty Frieden devalued home and family, far too many women have found their window of opportunity for marriage and family closed. Today in America, more women of typical marriage age (20-45) are unmarried than ever before. Late-marrying couples are spending billions on fertility treatments desperately hoping to have a child. How sad. I still believe that being a mother is the most important vocation for women period. What is greater than raising your own children? Please tell me, I surely would like to know. I pray for those women that have been sold the lie that they cforgogoe motherhood and concentrate on themselves alone. This is a lie hidden in a misleading statement, 'you can have it all'. How more misleading and devious can you get than that statement alone? For more on this article click here.


I agree with you 99%, but "I still believe that being a mother is the most important vocation for women period."

Lets not forget the women called to religious life!

Anonymous said...

ah but the true calling of woman to religious life is to be a spiritual "mother", as it is for man to be a spiritual "father".

Unknown said...

Amen brothers.

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