Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pro-Choice Fear of Engagement

A very concise and excellent article by Albert Mohler on the discussion of the abortion issue between Pro-Life and Pro-Choice advocates. It seems that it is official policy of the Pro-Choice crowd to not engage in discussion about abortion. Reasons why? Because the Pro-Life groups "...Increasingly embraces sophisticated philosophical arguments in its effort to convince Americans from across the political spectrum that embryonic stem cell research and abortion are not religious issues." Mr. Mohler explores the reasons why and it can be sufficiently surmised that the Pro-Choice crowd begins by framing the question that the Pro-Life arguments are essentially religious in scope. Being religious, it is 'appropriate' to ignore ALL discussion with Pro-Life adherents based on the framing of the question. Religion is a matter of 'faith' or 'personal lifestyle' that should not be entered into argument. Even when the 'religious right', as the Pro-Choice advocates call us, brings up philosophical and ontological points, it's best not to engage. Me thinks the Pro-Choice lobby is losing the national debate. At least it's better than being called a bigot (I think). For more of this article click here.


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