Friday, February 17, 2006

Houston Young Adult Ministry

Living here in Houston, the fourth largest city in America, with a significant Catholic population would certainly lend itself to various spiritual and social activities available for laity. Of course social activities abound from PACCO (Parish Activities for Catholic Communication Organization) that primarily serves for sporting activities to the multiple parish young adult clubs such as SMYAC (St. Michael's Young Adult Club) that sponsors mostly get-togethers and dance functions. With the variety of social functions available to young adults you would think that there were many spiritual functions available. Well there are many thought nowhere near matching those of the social activities. Here in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston there are some dedicated leaders like Bill Cork who is the Director for Young Adult & Campus Ministry and Therese who organizes the largest Catholic young adult spiritual group (Christus) in Houston. The issue may well be the lack of people stepping up to lead more spiritual activities. Because we certainly have great people such as those mentioned, but for a city of roughly 4 million souls, we need more Catholics to take lead and assist or organize more functions for the spiritual aspects of our faith, not just athletic and drinking endeavors. The efforts by those involved are excellent, what's needed is action by others who complain on the sidelines but don't act upon their calling. One of my avid readers, Matt recently posted about this very issue. His new blog, Servo Fidei, or Keep the Faith, has his excellent article on this very topic and shares his own personal experience with this issue. For the article click here.


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