Friday, February 3, 2006

Why Islam Has A Problem

Because a cartoonist who is practicing the God given right of Freedom of Speech. Granted that some Muslims find it offensive. But to issue death threats? C'mon. The more Muslims the world over threaten and follow through with threats of violence, the more true this caricature of their religion being an incubator for hate increases.


Anonymous said...

Dude, the mistake you are making is in judging the whole religion by activities of a bunch of people (who are giving death threats). Media is just showing violent protests. It does not say the protest were peaceful , e.g. in pakistan it seemed peaceful ... people were taking out marches ... thats all !

Unknown said...

I believe (still) that the majority of Muslims the world over are peaceful, decent human beings. The media is showing only these protests and not the condemnations that are being issued by other Muslim organizations.

As unfair as it seems, maybe this could be a wake up call to all other Muslims to reclaim their religion from these radicals.

An Islamic Reformation is in order.

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