Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Conde and Bible Update 2-1-06 A.D.

Being a history buff I kind of pick up on the little things when it comes to television documentaries. Is it me, or am I noticing more and more historical documentaries on television referring to historical dates with the suffix C.E. instead of the correct A.D.? C.E. stands for Common Era. B.C.E. Replaces B.C. as well. B.C.E. Refers to Before (the) Common Era. Is this political correctness run amok? I think so. I don't read any of these changes in the historical books I read. Why is that? Anyways, those profs or historical television producers can go bite me. I'll use the more appropriate Anno Domini for my gravestone and only over my dead body! I jumped ahead in my Bible reading and skipped all the way to Revelation. Read it, done. I'm almost done with Exodus, then I have the very interesting (sarcasm here) Leviticus. My laptop is still on the fritz. I don't think I'll see it ever revived again. Later everyone.


There is a Catholic school in my town that prominently displays 2000 C.E. on it.

Conde, don't even get me started!

The first battle of the culture wars I ever fought so to speak was when I refused to submit to C.E. and B.C.E. I even cross it out of all my history books and put in AD and BC and always use them on my papers!

Most ivory tower types in the US have gone this way, but in ultra-secular Europe they still use the BC and AD system, even they think dumping that is going to far.

In a book I have this semseter on how to write history papers using BC and AD are pointed out as an archiac mistake, well screw them.

Also any popular history written for the public still uses BC and AD.

Remember in Brave New World though when BC and AD were done away with? Its forced revisionist cultural amnesia!

Anyway funny how they rip of the year numbering system made by Catholics but then try to change the words.

If I ever have to use CE and BCE I change it to mean CHRISTIAN ERA. Take that!

PS- Jeff that probably isn't a Catholic school anymore!

Anonymous said...

Give the address of that sacriligious place. I have a hammer and chisel that can work miracles under the cover of darkness.

Franze said...

We have to make the culture catholic. You are right fidei defensor

Unknown said...


Same here. When I was in college I always submitted my work with A.D. and B.C.

I do the same anytime I come across it in textbooks or newspapers (haven't seen them in either though).

It's our little way of taking back our culture.

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