Friday, November 4, 2005

Abortions Across America

It's an interesting map of the U.S. showing the number of abortions among the unborn by state. Notice that California reflects a 50.0+% abortion rate. How sad. For more click here.


The map indicates a date of 1985. Is there a more recent one?

Unknown said...

I'm researching to see if there is more recent data. I got this from

hitler, mao, stalin..... all rank amateurs when it came to murder. Sometimes I honestly do wonder just how can "God Bless America"?

Quintero said...


Note, too, that the source of this data is AGI, the Allen Gutmacher Institute (not sure of spelling), which is an arm of Planned Parenthood. So these horrifying statistics are probably on the conservative side suggesting that the carnage is even greater.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the heads up Quintero.

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