Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mass Isn't For Entertainment

Cardinal Arinze chastised those that seek dance during the liturgy or want to get 'something out of Mass'. We attend Mass to celebrate and praise Jesus, not to demand something from Jesus. Many of the new Protestant mega-churches like Joel Osteen in Houston seek to make you wealthy and healthy during their worship service. This is contradictory to the meaning of Mass, the re-creation of the last supper. For more click here.


Dancing in the liturgy is a joke. The Cardinal is right, it is only allowed under "rare" and I do mean rare circumstances, which adapt to peoples culture. However, places in America adapt it so they can have etertainment. It is just like the empty pews all year until Christmas and Easter roll around. People show up to be entertained, while taking the seats away from those people who are always there. Great Article

Unknown said...

It's pretty sad some of the liturgical abuse that I have witnessed. Many priests who are doing this have 7+ year assignments that pretty much give them free reign if there is a weak Bishop (Archbishop in my case).

Thanks for the compliment!


Yea, we have a dud here in the Diocese of Springfield Cape Geraurdo Missouri. I was reading Msgr. Robert A. Kelley's "The Fight For The American Church (Revisited)." Low and behold my bishop was in there.

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