Thursday, November 3, 2005

Pope Praises LARGE Families!

Pope Benedict XVI spoke about the virtues of large families.

"...the centrality of the family, the foundational cell of society and the first place where life is welcomed and served..."

I myself come from a semi-large family, but my extended family (only 1st cousins counted) on my mothers side is 75 strong! My grandparents had 12 children and their offspring have brought a blessed number of cousins that I cherish very much. I can only hope that when my time comes that I too will have the ability to support a large family as well! For the article click here and here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

I have had the fortune to live in many areas of the country and I am amazed by the large number of young adults that actually follow the teachings of the Church!

So much that I've decided to start a blog about my personal views on our Faith and the world that happens around me.

As you can tell, I'm of course pro-Life simply because I don't believe in the murder of innocent children. Especially when they never get a chance to even live a single minute!

The Truth is amazing and each day I find something new about my Faith that I am truly amazed at how beautiful and syncretic the Catholic Faith is. Even with the mysteries thrown in!

Tito which one are you in the picture? How many do you think should be in a family for it to be considered large?

Anonymous said...

I'm the kid with the horizontal red and blue stripes.

A large family is arbritary at best. But in my humble opinion I believe at the extreme minimum would be to have 3 children.

2 to replace the parents and the extra one for a vocation!

But without exceptions, I believe a good family size is 4 children and a large family would be 5 children.

I am aiming for 4, but I will be happy with what ever graces God would be kind to bestow on me and my future family!

"I'm the kid with the horizontal red and blue stripes."

You mean the youngest kid? When was the picture taken, or am I just misunderstanding?

Anonymous said...

Just kidding Fidei.

I keep forgetting that being sarcastic in the comments section can backfire badly (most) times.

I found this picture randomly on the net.

I'm old enough (46) to remember when a family like mine - I have four sons and a daughter - wouldn't have been considered so very large. It is now, of course, although I know many people who have much larger ones.

The ability to support a large family is much more a function of will than of finances. If you can do without golf, theater tickets, and hotel vacations, and don't mind buying your business clothes on sale and all the other clothes at the Salvation Army, you'll be able to do it. We started on a very small salary, and were able not only to keep food on the table but also to let me be at home with the children. It's all in the priorities.

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