Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Intifadah in France

France is under assault for being being tolerant. The multiculturists-militants, liberal elites, socialists, and PC-Nazis have gone off the extreme end by inviting people of an inheritantly intolerant faith and culture (one and the same, go ask a Muslim). They 'dealt' with the situation of Muslim immigrants by purposely secluding them in government housing all over France. To the point that not even police patrols are done through these same neighborhoods due to the violence. This is not an economic issue, nor is it soley a French issue. This is nearly European wide. Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, and the United Kingdom have suffered from Muslim violence and rampaging rioters for years. Only this year it has gone beyond the myopic mass ignorance that these 'riots' are separate events with no connection between these. Why? Right now, there are riots all over France and Denmark. The media is not mentioning Denmark I've noticed, but the blogosphere has identified it alright. What about the Netherlands. Where politicians are under 24 hour security surveillance because they disagreed to the murder of one Theo Van Gogh by Muslim extremists. The list is long and only growing of leaders that ignore the obvious and only hope to sweep it under the rug. Click here for more.



Where is that picture from?

I heard two days ago that three Catholic Churches have been destroyed by the rioters?

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