Thursday, November 3, 2005

Convert and Cradle Catholics

I would like to say that whether we are converted or cradle Catholics, we should never miss an opportunity to evangelize about our Faith. Whether it is towards non-Catholics or the most devout Catholic, we can always learn something about what it is to be a Catholic. My example is that the more I read, attend Mass, participate in Bible Study, read news articles related to my Faith or just witnessing examples of good Christian behavior, I learn something new everyday. It is an amazing and wonderful thing to have, this Faith of ours! Reading this article on a convert to Catholicism just brought to mind that we can never stop learning about our Faith. It is inherent to those of us who think they know or are well versed about the Catholic Faith to never stop learning as well as help others understand our Faith. God bless the Catholic Church. For more click here.


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