Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Muslims Riot All Over Europe

The mainstream media is barely picking up the Muslim riots in Paris. It has now been reported that Muslims are on the rampage in Denmark as well. As of this writing, there has been rising tensions in Holland where Muslims have threatened to riot in relation to the anniversary of the murder of Theo Van Gogh, who was murdered and nearly decapitated by Muslim extremists a year ago today. Theo Van Gogh is related to the famous Dutch painter Van Gogh. For more on the Muslim riots in Denmark click here. For a review of Theo Van Gogh's murder by Muslim extremists, click here. For an update on the Muslim riots in Paris, click here.


I don't know why these guys are rioting? Considering the native peoples of western Europe seem to be sucking down birth control pills like tick-tacs the Muslims will be running the whole place by sheer numbers within the lifetime of kids being born today. Constantinople's grand cathedral become a Mosque in 1453, I hope Notre Dame isn't heading for the same fate!

Anonymous said...

I have written about the problem that Europe is facing concerning their demographic time bomb. Even with Muslims reproducing 6-12 children per family, the population of Europe will still shrink. How sad is that?!

This will cause them to have a smaller tax base to pay for the growing retirees that will be sucking up all available funds.

So their either be a revolt against the elderly because the younger generations are paying too much or the elderly will revolt (they are in positions of power) that will levy ever higher taxes to pay for their extravagant social programs.

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