Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito

Samuel Alito, a Catholic, has been nominated by President Bush for the Supreme Court seat vacated by retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. If confirmed, Samuel Alito would give five Supreme Court Justices to adhere to the Catholic Faith.

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Samuel Alito's Parish, Our Lady of Sorrows, is celebrating the fact that one of their own has been nominated to U.S. Supreme Court.

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I was thrilled by this guy being appointed, he was my own personal pick.

I am see disturbing reports though now that in 75% of abortion cases he has taken the pro-choice side!

I worry that while he may be personaly against abortion he sees no legal cause against it?

Maybe I am just overreacting but I guess this what considering how many times we have been fooled before (David Souter.)

I am hoping in regards to this guy (and John Roberts for that matter) that they felt that lower courts couldn't do anything about abortion, change had to come from the Supreme Court. Well now they are there lets see what they do!

Also lets pray for Justice Kennedy that he becomes one of the good guys. Otherwise we'll have to wait for one of the left wing foggies to retire and then hope Bush makes a good pick and that pick gets confirmed.

Anonymous said...

He's correct in the fact there is no legal recourse against abortion. There shouldn't be, you morons keep trying to impose your ignorant fantasy based beliefs on the rest of the people. Church and state are seperate, get over it!

Bad news anon, Heaven and Hell are even more rigidly seperated than Church and state!

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