Sunday, November 27, 2005

Saint Gianna Berreta Molla

Saint Gianna is one of the newest saints in the Catholic Church. Pope John Paul II canonized Gianna on May 16, 2004. Saint Gianna led a devotional Catholic life. She practiced her Faith without compromise. She is also the first 'working' mother to be made a saint. What attracts me to Saint Gianna is how she lived her life, even to the very end. You see, Saint Gianna was diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst during her fourth pregnancy. Her surgeon recommended an abortion to save her life. Saint Gianna refused and died a week after her childs birth. Saint Gianna cared more for doing right by her unborn child than her own life. Today that child is a doctor and is an active pro-life proponent. For her official website click here. For the Vatican reference click here.


Nothing against St Gianna...

but you've just been Meme'd.
Along with Peter and FD!

St. Gianna could have been the poster-child for the culture of death, "abortion was needed to save the life of the mother! etc." Instead she chose courageous martyrdom. Thanks for posting this wonderful Saint story!

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