Sunday, November 6, 2005

Homosexual Bishop Slams Catholic Church

Homosexual Episcopalian Bishop of New Hampshire Gene Robinson 'thanked' the Church by disrespecting Pope Benedict XVI by referring to his Holiness as 'Pope Ratzinger'. Calling the teachings of Jesus as 'vile' in reference to our Father's prohibition to perverse sex. He went on to claim that the Anglican church have had a large influx of Catholics converting to Anglicanism because of this. Has anyone told him that because of his ordination that an Anglican Schism is pretty much in its final stages of coming to fruition (or is it ruination). Which would leave the Anglican Communion a skeleton of its former self. For more on the practicing homosexual Bishop Gene Robinson and his rant click here. For an update on the Anglican Schism click here.


When I tell cafeteria Catholics that they can find all the "reforms" they want (woman bishops, abortion, gay marriage) in the Episcopal Church their usually response is "what?"

Yes it may reflect on the ignorance of these people they have never heard of the "Cadilac of Churchs," but it is also a signal that the days of Episcopal dominance over America are over. They are just another minor liberal Protestant Denomation and do no compose over 25% of the population in a single county of this entire country!

What on earth is he wearing? It's just missing Lederhosen.

Unknown said...

Swedish or German?

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