Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Bear Witness To The Politically Correct

Archbishop Javier Martinez of Granada, Spain exhorted his listeners to bear witness to the Politically Correct crowd. I agree. Religion is soley reserved to the private realm. It is both a public expression and a private expression. We need not keep our 'religion' to ourselves so as to please the secularists. This is another form of dhimminitude. Dhimminitude is what is called in the Islamic world the subjugation of non-Muslims, primarily Christians and Jews, to second class citizens that forbids them of expressing themselves outwardly in order to not offend Muslims. Archbishop Martinez goes on to say:
". . .is a call to bear witness to ecclesial communion and to rediscover ones membership in the church, because whatever breaks and weakens that union is no good and comes from the evil one. . ."
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