Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Anglican Schism Update: Global South Retorts

The Global South, a 'synod' type of conclave of Anglican bishops from Africa, South American, and Asia seem headed to a schism from the Anglican Communion. Could this be the beginning of an Anglican Remnant or as the Global South puts it, an Anglican Covenant? Or maybe a return to the Catholic Church of those Anglicans that seem to have much in common with the Teachings of Jesus than those liberals in the U.S., Canada, and England who just want to go with the times? With the U.S. anointing an openly practicing homosexual and the Church of England showing approval of this, many Anglicans (if not all) from the Global South want them to be reprimanded for deviating from the Truth. Archbishop Rowan Williams, perfunctory head of the Anglican Communion, seems reluctant to lay any sanctions at all. The Global South gave out this statement:
Our own Anglican Communion sadly continues to be weakened by unchecked revisionist teaching and practices, which undermine the divine authority of Scripture. The Anglican Communion is severely wounded by the witness of errant principles of faith and practice which in many parts of our communion have adversely affected our efforts to take the gospel to those in need of God's redeeming and saving love.
"The Truth is Absolute" --Pope Benedict XVI


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