Friday, November 11, 2005


My new business is taking away my discretionary time, so I will be blogging lightly, if any at all. So bear with me for this period. Hopefully before the new year, I will blogging as frequently as I have been recently. God bless. Tito


Goodluck with the new business. Feel free to blog about that somtime! I'll look forward to your return to regular posting.

Unknown said...

Thanks Fidei.

I can't say any details, but whether I become successful or not, I will post the results.

Just only to confirm that my business is on its feet.

I ask for the prayers of those that read my blog that I may be successful, only because the work that I am doing will be contributing to many of God's children.

I humbly cannot reveal what I am working on, but to say the least, it is with full Faith and guidance from the Church.

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