Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Educated Women Choose Religious Life

"Growing numbers of educated Italian women are throwing away their high heels and lipstick and opting for the austere life of nuns in closed convents." "A surprising 550 women in Rome chose to withdraw to cloisters this year compared with 350 two years ago, it emerged at a conference organised by the Vicariate of Rome and Italy's Union of Mother Superiors (Usmi)." Very interesting to see what I have already known for a short time now. When the options are available to the educated and well to do, more tend to choose a life of Christ rather than that of materialism. It is so important to keep in mind that religion is not soley private and should not be excluded from the public sphere. Keep this in mind the next time someone says "Happy Holidays". Respond by saying "Merry Christmas". It is our culture, our society, our religion that secular society, ie, the ACLU, is trying to secularize. Merry Christmas! For more click here.


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