Friday, November 18, 2005

Homosexuality Triggering HIV Escalation

A recent CDC report has come out that the rates of HIV infection have dropped for heterosexuals and intravenous drug users, but the rate among those that engage in perverse sex such as homosexuality have increased. Yes, has increased. While the militant gay lobby continues to push that AIDS doesn't disproportionately affects those that practice homosexuality. Stats don't lie. For more click here.


AIDS/HIV is the only governmentally protected disease in the history of mankind.

Sheesh... Robert Bork was right, we're slouching towards Gammorah

PS, I've linked you on my blog. Great site you have here!

I was sent a really funny (stupid) newspaper add from my dads uncle in Cinncy Ohio. It was sponsered by "The Partnership Drug Free America." It has this kid with semi long hair and looks to be in his late teens. The caption read "If only I had AIDS. Thr you would have some idea what I was up against. You would see famous people wearing ribbons and speaking freely about my condition. You would walk, run, and bike for greater awarness of my disease. If I had AIDS, You would understand that I need treatment not scorn." So I replied to the add in an article stating, why don't you quite treating AIDS like a cancer and diabetes. Why don't we have adds that say "If only I had Cancer" than you would understand! The joke is that AIDS is not a disease, its a choice that dumb people get freely. I know people get cancer from smoking and maybe diabetes from to much chocolate, but this picture was pathetic. If only I was "Terri Schiavo" than you would understand what a bastard of a husband I had for putting me through dehydration! They will never find a cure for AIDS. They don't understand that the drug companies like AIDS and all the money they get for research.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment Orthodoxwarrior.

It is sad that we have AIDS at all. But actively engaging in subverting about the causes and symptons of AIDS will only do more harm than good.

The truth shall set you free is a commonly used term that greatly accentuates the problem of not confronting AIDS properly.


Anonymous said...

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