Thursday, November 24, 2005


I try not to be political though it is difficult when the *Kennedy-Kerry Klan continue to undermine the security of this great nation. I am still not sure if entering Iraq was the right decision in the first place, though, now that we are there, I am flabbergasted by many politicians who continue to sabotage our aim of creating a democratic country in Iraq. Credit goes to FrontPageMag for this nice pic of the KKK*.


Its really hard to tell with the whole Iraq War thing. But I still have faith in this President. What miffs me is people claim he did it all intentionally and he is not religious and all the other garbage. I saw the President as a man who believed what he was doing for the country was right and I don't condone him. I think if we had gone in under a different theme, people wouldn't have made all the hoop law they have been (media). For example, I think if he said we are going in because Saddam was genociding his society and commiting vast amounts of tourcher on that Nation, maybe people would have seen it differently. All this we need the UN comming from Kerry and Kennedy is stupid. Did they not forget that President Clinton went into Kosovo and Somolia without UN authorization, thats why I say different label. Iraq is a mess, but to many polititions have condemmned our own troops. Because of Pelosi and Kennedy, three Marines got sentenced to 10 years in prison for putting a bag with a picture of a pid on it! Talk about torture! They claimed it was torture, I claim torture as hooking people up to car batteries ect. I think liberals, not democrats, have crossed the line in hanging our soldiers in order to get back at Bush. Thats a real shamefull way of doing it though!

That was supposed to be "they got 10 years for putting a bag with a picture of a pig over some detainees head.

Anonymous said...

I'am surprised that someone who calls him or her self ORTHODOX WARRIOR still is conffuse about the Iraq situation. I would question your alliance to orthodoxy. Are you a patriotic-political orthodox or a Catholic-Christian Orthodox. I think JPII and Benedict XVI have made it very clear......"The invasion of Iraq is immoral"....."War is defeat for humanity"...Why should we shame thos who speak truth by calling them saboteurs? We may not agree with some political stances and moral principals of these two senator but we ougth to grant them what rigthly belongs to them, truth about the invasion of Iraq. It seems that we are justifying evil by accepting the US stay in Iraq.

Unknown said...

Undermining the US when we are engaged with the forces of evil no less is unpatriotic and treasonous.

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