Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another Downside To Cohabitation

Strained relationships between parent(s) and child is another casualty of cohabitation. Cohabitation occurs when parent-child relationships are dysfunctional and are exacerbated once cohabition occurs. Another dent in the 'it prepares us for matrimony' fallacy. Granted there are cases where a loving relationship in marriage can occur (and great relations with the parents) after cohabitation, but the evidence ways heavily against this. Making the odds of a successful marriage even less when you have a poor relationship with your mother or father. For more click here. For a previous article about the high rate of failed marriages from cohabitation, click here.


Tito, I know your blogging is going to be light these days but I was tagged today by another Catholic blogger, I thought I'd get you in on the chain. Trust me this one is a good one, check out my post on it...

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