Thursday, November 10, 2005

Houston Chronicle Promotes Homosexual Agenda

With 76% of the vote coming in reinforcing Jesus' teachings and natural law that marriage is defined to be between one man and one woman, the Houston Chronicle still wrote a blatantly biased news story that gave the impression that 'gay marriage' is A-OK. Chronicle writers Lori Rodriguez and Barbara Karkabi seemed to have written an article as if homosexual marriage passed! They wrote that if people who engage in perverse sex can adopt, why not marry?! 72% of voters in Houston unanimously approved of keeping marriage between one man and one woman, this has not changed since recorded history (that's approximately 6,000 years of human history). According to a survey 49% consider those of the same sex who participate in homosexual sex to be morally wrong. Rodriguez and Karkabi further go on to write that according to Rice University sociologist Stephen L. Klineberg that 'white and older conservative voters usually dominate' in city elections. They also cited that only about 18% of eligible voters voted. So the Houston Chronicle via Rodriguez and Karkabi are promoting that old white conservatives don't approve of immoral sex between same sex individuals that so happen to want to keep the 6,000 year old practice of marriage in tact. It's nice to know that they went out of their way to show us that old white conservatives still have morals. And that only if non-whites of the 82% who didn't vote, the tide would have turned. They gave that impression nonetheless. The article goes on to say that there is a significant shift towards approval of those who engage in perverse sexual acts. Though they fail to explain how the ballot somehow was approved by 76% of the Texas electorate. Of the 26 paragraphs written by Rodriguez and Karkabi, 2 paragraphs were devoted to showing the 76% of Texans on who and why the voted for keeping marriage in tact. So about 8% of the article was devoted to the 76% of Texans that wanted to keep marriage the same since recorded history. Rodriguez and Karkabi wrote an article by explaining the 'changing' attitudes and the 'whats the big deal' outlook towards people of the same sex wanting to have unnatural sex with each other. 92% of the article was devoted to promoting perverse sex between people of the same sex, even though they only represented 24% of the voters who want to pursue perverse sex. Again this shows why the Houston Chronicle is a far left fish wrap. This explains why the Houston Chronicle is so far out of the mainstream that they continue to lose subscribers in America's 4th largest city, even when there is NO RIVAL PAPER around. This also explains why I don't subscribe to this fish wrap. For more click here.


6000 years of man and woman marriage and we are trying to tear it down.

Have you ever heard some revisionist saying the early church performed gay marriages? I think those people must be sucking down the cool-aide.

The only example of gay marriages I am aware of in all of human history is those sanctioned by Emperor Nero, an insane tyrant.

Wasn't the bishop there (Fiorenza sp?) somehow involved in protecting a sodomite-rapist there in Tx back in the late 90's, early 00's?

Anonymous said...

I'll do some research on that. Archbishop Fiorenza has weak knees when it comes to watering down the liturgy in his Archdiocese.

I've refrained from any postings critical of his grace hoping that he will retire.

Interestingly enough, rumors are flying all over the chancerory (however you spell it) that he wants to 'hang on' until the new Cathedral is completed in downtown Houston. Which means about 3 more years of light theology.

If this rumor is true, he is simply a vain, vain man.

SHEESH!!! And I thought things were bad here in the Roman Protestant Diocese of Raleigh!

Anonymous said...

Officially he will end his duties of the Archbishop of Galveston-Houston at the end of the year.

From then on forward Coadjutor Archbishop DiNardo will be the just Archbishop. Well that is the plan.

I will pray that the rumors of Arcbhishop Fiorenza's desire to stay on three more years will not occur.

You can infer that Coadjutor Archbishop DiNardo is not another Archbishop Fiorenza.

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