Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Remove 'Catholic' Identity From Loretto

"The church, under the papacy of Benedict XVI, will likely refuse to support and maintain ties with institutions that have weakened or lost their Catholic identity..."
That would be good first step in the ongoing Crisis of Faith that is occurring at Loretto High School. This Crisis of Faith is in reference to the expulsion of 15 year old Katelyn Sills from an all girls Catholic high school in northern California. Katelyn was expelled because her mother (Wynette Sills) notified Bishop Weigand, prelate of the diocese where the school is located, about a drama teacher (Marie Bain) who is an active volunteer for Planned Parenthood. After quietly and discreetly notifying Loretto High School in which they demurred to follow any action, Mrs. Sills took the next correct step in notifying the Bishop. Bishop Weigand responded appropriately and requested the dismissal of drama teacher Marie Bain. Bishop Weigand had to force his hand in order to make Loretto High School comply with the Teachings of Jesus Christ when the school authorities continued to adhere to heresy in continuing employment of a anti-Catholic teacher. Lorreto High School, in my opinion, should be immediately stripped of the title of Catholic high school since they are showing due belligerence and malice to those that actually practive their faith correctly. Shame on the administration of Lorreto High School for retaliating against Wynette Sills by expelling her daughter, Katelyn Sills. Pope Benedict XVI should begin with Loretto High School by requiring Loretto in correcting their errors, or stripping them of the name Catholic. For more on Pope Benedict XVI views on wayward Catholic institutions such as Loretto, click
here. For the blog of Katelyn Sills and continuous updates on her expulsion and Loretto actions, click here.


As far as I can tell the school need only answer to their religious order who in turn answers only to Rome. Interesting coincidence that this story should break at the same time the Pope is talking about "prunning" schools that fail to keep the faith. I am hoping the Holy Father gets word of all this (if all us blogers keep at it the word will spread.) I wouldn't mind seeing the Pope make some examples out of the heretics over at Loretto. Though by their postings on the blogs I am sure that plenty of them would just say something along the lines of, "who cares what some 100 year old guy in Italy thinks? I'm still Catholic, my teachers told me so, SAVE ROE V WADE! I hate you Kathren! Loretto has so much spirit we even did a food drive once!"

Unknown said...

And I gave a quarter to a beggar on the street.

I had to, I felt terrible for Jimmy Carters fall from grace!

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