Sunday, November 6, 2005

Dawn of Eurabia

Muslims rioted, burned, and pillaged store fronts, residential areas, schools, et al, all over Paris for the 10th consecutive night. Paris is in flames, Muslims are rioting all over France and Denmark and the Euro Elites seem as clueless as ever on how to 'deal' with these malcontents. Most European and American mainstream media outlets continue to avoid using the word "Muslim" in describing these revolutionaries. 'Economic victims', 'jobless', 'rioters', etc have been used in describing the looters and pillagers that have been on a rampage for the 10th consecutive evening in Paris. Will this wake up the American and/or European liberals and elites that what happened in 9/11 is not an anomaly? Nope. When the call to prayer hails from a tower at the Mosque of Notre Dame, it will be to late. For more click here, here, here, and here.


The only one who might be able to deal with the situation is Sarkozy, IMO. He's a second-generation immigrant and understands better than the rest of the government ministers what needs to happen to stop all this.

(The suburbs of Paris have been out of any French control for some time, and Sarkozy wanted to bring them back under French control. Sending the police into some of the suburbs ended with two teens being electrocuted and prompted rioting, as Sarkozy thought it would; but he also thought the move was necessary to reassert control. But once the rioting began, de Villepin took over the response, and things just got worse.)

The Belmont Club has some more on this , BTW

Great post, people need to read this.

Anonymous said...

Sarkozy is my man as well. He would be a HUGE improvement over the gutless Chirac.

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