Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Cardinal Arinze

Cardinal Arinze was the only other candidate that I wanted to be Pope other than Cardinal Ratzinger during the conclave for electing a new Pope. He is a very pious and staunch Catholic that would have been a fine replacement to Pope John Paul II! For more click here.


Cardinal Arinze would be cool, but he fell under the "anyone who comes into the conclave a Pope comes out a cardinal" rule.
Also, I am not a RadTrad by any means--I prefer the Vatican II mass in Latin--but I would like to see Pope Benedict do something about the issue of the Traditional Mass.
In the past, he's said "No indult is necessary," and I'd like to hear him say that as Pope.

Cardinal Arinze could be next, so long as he's around long enough for people to forget about him, the way they'd forgotten Ratzinger (who was "the next Pope" from the early 80s-early 90s).

Unknown said...

Yeah, I remember that. He sure was one of the papabile!

I think he can't be considered for pope if he's in his 90s. Though I may be confusing that with the right to vote.

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