Monday, November 7, 2005

The Fall of France

Told you so... Tito Ho hum... Liberal elite We must address these economic issues... Jacque Chirac Which one of these three represents reality. Which one of these three represents ignorance. Which one of these three represents a French worm. Sorry, the last two are pretty much the same person. For more on the collapse of the French Republic and the Dawn of Eurabia, click here.



I'm to busy to post on all this today but it takes only a quick glance at the news to see...

The Turkish PM says the riots are partially a result of the law against headscarves.

Several Catholic Churches have been destroyed (media not mentioning this.)

The riots have spread to nearly ever corner of France and destrcution in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany "may be related."

I don't think the rioters will win this time, eventually the goverment will compromise enough to calm them down and they will get tired of rioting, you can only be out throwing rocks at cops and firemen for so many nights before you need a break. However, if they try this again in five years or so...

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